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Ivan and Lyubov Lupalo:
We wish one thing only to the parents of other victims: patience and unity.

Victor Medvedenko:
The only advice is, Hang in there and be strong. You still have children, so you have to bring them up. And some parents don’t have anyone left. There are no words to help a parent who is left alone. You can’t even use the same one — hang in there and be strong — they are wrong words. You need the support of entire society — of the whole state. We all have to stick together.

Victor Komozdrazhnikov:
The most important thing for them is to keep up the morale and ignore the animals who crippled them. To hang in there.

Natalia Panchenko-Sannikova:
Every parent goes through the grief of his or her child in his or her own way. I can only wish for them to remember, to be strong, and not let themselves die. As long as we are alive, so are our children. If we’re gone, who else will think about them? We just have to remember and avoid suicide, because if you do that, you’ll never join your child.

Irina Sklyanik:
To all the mothers who lost their children — the most precious thing one has in one’s life — I wish strength to cope with the grief and get on with their lives.

Sveta Sklyanik:
To all the children who lost their brothers and sisters I wish strength. I wish them to think always that their brothers and sisters are well off where they are, up there, and they’ll always look out for us, because they’re close to God.

Lyubov Nemirovskaya:
Everybody suffers differently: some wear their grief on their sleeves, others keep it inside. In any event, it beats up on you; you feel walled in. You have to get distracted; do something related to life, rather than death.

Anya Sinichkina:
I can say only one thing to the wounded: don’t stay alone. Don’t shut yourselves in. Go out, but look around you.
The wounded should not think they’re the only people in the world. They have friends and parents and a lot of very good people around them. And we shouldn’t forget those who are no longer with us, and remember those who are, and help them.

Katya Pelina:
We have to go through what happened to us. We have no other choice.

Raisa Nepomnyaschaya:
I want to wish all the mothers to have enough health and strength to live through the impossible and carry on. We must preserve the memory of our dead children. They will always be in our hearts; they’ll never grow old. I think they’re watching and guarding us from Heaven. They empathize with us.
Of course, we miss them and wait for them to come back any minute. As for the children who lost their brothers and sisters, we must love them twice as much, to compensate for those who are gone.
Our children are all together there, and so we must be together, too, and support one another.

Nadezhda Derenshteyn:
My wishes to the other wounded are to live on, and live well; to hang in there, to help themselves and accept help from others. Important thing is to keep up your morale, because it’s so hard.

Alla Nalimova:
We all share the same grief. What can I wish them? We meet with the other victims’ parents, we discuss our problems and remember our children.

Anna Kazachkova:
Some mothers lost their only children. It is terrifying to live without children. I can only wish that God give them strength to keep on living. I want their family and friends to keep them company and support them in their remaining years.
As for mothers who have other children, they should do all they can for their happiness. And mothers who got out unscathed, thank God, should love their children and cherish every day spent together. And have more children, so that the child would not be the only one in the family.