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One of us used to work at the archives of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. After we finished working on this book, she said, “Yad Vashem is the ocean of suffering. Dolphinarium is a cup taken from this ocean.”
"If the Islamic terror — whatever slogans it uses to camouflage its true purpose — is not eliminated today, then tomorrow the cup of the Dolphinarium may become the ocean of the new Holocaust. It may contain your blood, too — and that of your children."
All the nations should have a sip from this cup. The blame lies with everyone.
Holocaust became a redemption of the guilt of the entire mankind — for having allowed Fascism to happen. The Israeli children who are dying today at the hands of Palestinian terrorists are the redemption of the common guilt of all nations, great and small — for having allowed Nazism to be reborn as Islamist terrorism.
Once again, the Jews are merely the first victims of this new worldwide offensive of evil. This evil tramples all that is human. Then, in the name of ideology, it sanctioned the burning of people in ovens; today, it sanctions ripping apart children and innocent bystanders.
The battle for Israel is today's Stalingrad. The destruction of Israel is the key element of the word jihad — the Third Reich reborn.
If you don’t believe that evil is evil; if you have been blinded by its shrewd propaganda that passes the destruction of “infidels” for “Palestinian national liberation struggle” (just like the Nazis used the rebirth of Germany to take over the world), then you should look at the results of their Kampf. Read this book.
In these pages, you will find the blood of the children spilled in the name of jihad. It is still fresh; it will never dry.
In these pages, you will find the testimony of those who went through hell: not during the Holocaust, but right now, in the era of CNN and political correctness. In these pages, you will find the unending agony of the parents who lost their children, as well as the experience of the children who survived hell at the Dolphinarium.
Read. Cry. Do something.