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Novosty , August 4, 2001
One Terrorist Praises Another

Tonight, ARD, the German State TV channel, will broadcast the program that will show the letter sent by Arafat to the family of Said al-Hutari who blew himself up at the Dolphi Club. The letter calls the terrorist act “a courageous deed and an example of heroism and self-sacrifice.” The letter was handed to the dead terrorist’s family by the envoy of Palestinian Authority a few days after the attack.
The observers remind that twelve hours after the attack, during the meeting with German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, the head of Palestinian Authority denounced the act.
Arafat’s deputies categorically denied the existence of the letter.

Victor Medvedenko:
If since their childhood they are taught to die, taught that they should dedicate their lives to killing the Jews, the brainwashing should yield results. They’re fanatics in the very worst meaning of the word. The extreme fanaticism. I have always compared it to fascism.
They blow themselves up because they want to get into Moslem paradise where they’ll be met by seventy-two brides. On earth, one must work, socialize, settle down. And if you have a large family, many brothers and sisters, your parents are making little money, you see this misery, and you’re being told that the Jews are to blame, that if you kill all the Jews, everything will be well — if it goes on since childhood, then a person begins to believe it. He thinks, Why bother striving? I’d rather blow myself up. First, my torment will stop right away; second, I’ll get to Heaven, with the brides and anything I want; third, my family will be taken care of. Plus I’ll kill the Jews. It’s all about greed.
And the fact that he approached the girls means that, according to Freud, he had sexual anxieties. He probably wasn’t successful with girls. Probably hated all women, period. According to his faith, the girls he killed become his brides.
The terrorist’s father said he was proud of his son; that if he had twenty sons, he would send them all to death. Someone asked him, But these were children, not adult soldiers? So what, he said. A few years later, they would have joined the Army and killed Arabs.

Mark Rudin:
They’re wild beasts. It’s horrible that they have a lot like this. Their strength is our weakness — our democracy plays into their hands.

Irina Rudina:
He was thinking of seventy beautiful concubines he was promised in Heaven. He really believed it. His parents were paid ten thousand dollars. And then, I think, he was pumped with drugs beforehand.

Polina Valis:
Since we came here eleven years ago, the Arabs have changed a lot. At least they used to have some values and some culture, but now they’ve got nothing. Now they’re just breeding terrorists. I don’t know if they understand what they’re doing and for what they’re fighting. All they do is kill, kill, kill. I don’t think they’re doing it for their faith. They’re doing this because it’s their way of life. They’re not waging war on us; they just don’t know how to do anything else.

Frida Shakhmurova, Daniel’s mother:
Moslems are backward. The moment they’re born, they’re being turned into murderers. And they think that when they do it, they get into Heaven. They’re fanatics! At least we’re civilized. Whatever we say, however we hate them, my child would never resort to murder. No Jewish child would.

Raisa Nepomnyaschaya:
I hate them all. They’re all fanatics. I think killing a human being can only take you to Hell. And you must be an animal to kill an innocent child.
Of course, he was a fanatic. He was intoxicated with hatred for us Jews. I don’t feel sorry for him. He took away the lives of our children whom we loved so much. He will never get to Heaven — that cannot be! God will not allow it! He should not be next to our children. He belongs in Hell.
And I don’t understand his father who sent him to death. A father who is proud of him, who said on TV that if he had twenty children, he would send them all there. I don’t understand his mother — how could she allow her son to commit such a crime, taking children’s lives? How did she live through her son’s death, I want to know.

Larisa Gutman:
He must have had one thought only: to blow up our children. To kill. What else could he be thinking? That he would ascend to Allah? So many religions, all different. In theirs, you commit villainy, you rise to God — in ours, it’s the other way around. I don’t know — it’s hard for me to say. But if for this God can take him to Heaven — what’s there to talk about?

Nadezhda Derenshteyn:
This person is to blame, and the people who were around him and brought him up. A person is a result of his upbringing. A good, sane family means good, sane children. If you have alcoholics and drug addicts, that’s what the child will become. He doesn’t see anything else. I can’t understand what was in his head. Although I would like to know what he was thinking. That he’s about to kill people like himself and even younger? He’ll end up in the worst of Hells. I hope devils are frying and slicing him up.

Anya Sinichkina:
He went to kill us like a robot. He didn’t care whether there were children or not. The doctors who took blood tests told us he had jaundice. Not in a natural way, but he was injected with it. Not only are they blowing us up and maiming us with bolts and nails, but they’re trying to infect us, too.
We were all tested. I think someone was diagnosed with jaundice, but Nadya and I got away, thank God. We were inoculated.
If they were hurting, they wouldn’t be sending their children to blow us up. They got twenty kids apiece — one more, one less, what’s the difference. I wouldn’t send my child — not for billions of dollars, not for heaven and hell — to kill someone. Not one person, to say nothing of blowing oneself up.

Rita Abramova:
If this terrorist had stayed alive . . . I’m not fond of violence, but I have never felt such hatred for anybody. I would torment him slowly. He came to the disco, he saw kids almost his age, laughing, in a good mood . . . I read in the paper he went to university. How can one go to university and believe that if he blows himself up, he will get to Heaven and be met by seventy-two virgins? In our civilized age, how can you be so dumb? He must be an idiot!

Olga Tagiltseva:
I used to be an internationalist and treated all nationalities equally. I didn’t care if one was an Arab or a Palestinian. I didn’t care about politics. And I can’t treat them the same now. If I have more children, how can I tell them that everyone should live in peace? How?
I think this young man sucked in hatred for Israelis with his mother’s milk. He had nothing but hatred — nothing. I’m an atheist, so I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but he couldn’t possibly get to heaven. How can you, if you’re doing evil to others?

Maksim Malchenko:
In a way, I feel sorry for that suicide. If I was told since childhood that if I go and blow myself up with the Jews, I’ll get to heaven — I could’ve done that, too.

Nadezhda Malchenko:
Frankly, I somehow feel sorry for this terrorist boy. I don’t hate him or despise him. As a person, I mean. I feel ashamed and hurt for his father. How can a father send his son to a sure death and be proud of it? Such fanaticism! What kind of heaven would he get into, this miserable boy?

Lyubov Nemirovskaya:
We grew up in Turkmenistan, around Moslems. For them, children and old people are sacred. And if they went as far as this, they must be really mad at us. I’m astonished by this man’s hatred. Causing a violent death, especially to young people, is considered a great sin. I don’t consider him human. What Heaven can we talk about?

Irina Sklyanik:
This Islamist fanatic who went to blow up innocent children felt hatred for all the Jews, which he sucked in with his mother’s milk. Their hatred is centuries old. I don’t understand this degree of hate. He belongs in Hell. A man who cannot be called a man cannot get to Heaven for murder and suicide.

Ivan Lupalo:
He had to be injected with hate since childhood. These people don’t belong on earth; they need to be resettled to the desert. It’s not just me being sore about my son’s death; there’s just no other way. If they don’t understand normal language, they should be treated as cruelly as they treat us. He belongs in Hell, not Heaven. So many lives he cut short!

Natalia Panchenko-Sannikova:
I don’t think he had anything in his head. These kamikaze are brought up to be murderers since they’re in diapers. All they know since they’re children is that they should kill Israelis. Religions may be different, but God is one. I don’t think a murderer and a suicide can get into Heaven. He belongs in Hell. God will not put him next to our children he murdered. He has no right to be there.

Faina Nalimova:
He was born of a mother of a wolf! He is not human! He comes from wolves! He’ll never get to Heaven — never! He’ll be at the bottom! They’ll be riding him! I can’t comprehend how one person can have so much evil in him!

Faina Dorfman:
If little children are bred in the spirit of hate, and on a state level, this state has no future, because it will swallow itself. After this nightmare, I went around asking people, How will our government respond? When I realized it wouldn’t, I was in shock.

Anna Kazachkova:
They call us occupants, while they are partisans. They say they are performing their sacred duty for Islam. They are being reared from seven years of age with guns in their hands. They commit suicide in order to kill Jews!
This is fanaticism; primitive thinking. I read they want just one religion in the world — Islam. But that’s political, too. They went to the “Russian” disco in order to scare the Russian Jews, to keep the Israeli Army from getting strong, because lots of Russian kids serve.
Victor Komozdrazhnikov:
I don’t think he was targeting a “Russian” disco. There’s an Israeli one next door, called Pacho — maybe he made a mistake?
But to kill himself and children and get into Heaven? Impossible!

Igor Shaportov:
I think he was pumped full of something, and he didn’t understand what he was doing. In a normal person, in a moment like this, survival instinct should kick in. He was plain insane. He will never get into Heaven. Killing yourself is the worst sin in any religion. And killing innocent children. He’ll be at the very bottom, in the burning coals.

Bronislava Osadchaya:
I feel sorry for that Palestinian boy, too. They taught him to do that. It’s not his fault — it’s his misery. I saw these scenes in Palestine after the explosion. A woman my age dancing and rejoicing that our children died — how is it possible? She’s a mother, she should learn with age. And what about eight- or ten-year-olds being taught this? Nothing good’ll become of them. But if he had been told all his life that he would have to kill himself — that’s forced, too. Did he need to die? A handsome boy like this. He could go on living, go to school . . .

Katya Pelina:
They are promised that after the suicide they will go straight to Heaven, because they died so young and took so many Jews with him. But if God and Heaven really exist, they’ll never get there.