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Igor Shaportov:
Forgive them? Never! We live in the Middle East. The weak get no respect here. In the Middle East, respect comes only from power and money. You can’t give them money — the more you give, the more they’ll demand. So all’s left is power. All’s left is shooting. No other choice.

Rita Abramova:
I could never forgive them. I know they celebrated the day of the Delphi explosion.
I have Arab children in my ward. When I see them, I can’t help hating them, though they did nothing to me. Maybe they’re not from a terrorist family. But when I think that their brothers or uncles or someone else go to rallies or plan attacks, I hate them. I can’t stand hearing them speak, seeing their clothes . . .

Yevgenia Djanashvili:
What do you mean, forgive? Whom and for what? I’m a peaceful person; I always used to say, even when there were bombings on Dizengoff and Allenby: Why can’t people find a common solution? There’s enough land for everybody — Arabs and Jews. You have one life only, so why should one cut it? Why kill?

Mark Rudin:
Two weeks after Simona’s death I got a visit from two Arabs. I knew the first one because we used to work together my first six months in Israel. I brought little Simona to work, and he liked her very much. And now, after all these years, he found me. When I opened the door, he was crying. He said, “Forgive me for my people.” I spent three or four hours with him. I was not very comfortable, still — there’s hope that there are people among them.

Victor Komozdrazhnikov:
This cannot be forgiven. How can you forgive the murder of innocent 15- and 18-year-old children? These girls are not guilty of any politics or anything. There’s no forgiveness.

Irina Sklyanik:
I will not forgive. How can I, if they took away what I held dearest — my daughter? No, I’ll never forgive them.

Natalia Panchenko-Sannikova:
As a person I might forgive. As a mother, never. When Sergei was alive, of course, I knew there were explosions, but somehow I thought it would pass us by. We follow everything that happens in Israel and we empathize with people. It doesn’t matter that we’re not citizens. I feel sorry for all terror victims.

Anya Sinichkina:
To forgive? Arabs? Never and under no circumstances. However good they become. I don’t know when the first terror attack took place in Israel, but there have been so many in the year and a half that I’ve been here!
Before Dolphi, I didn’t pay as much attention. But now that it touched me, I treat it differently. I feel the pain of the people who still lose their relatives. There’s no forgiveness for the murderers. I can forgive everyone but Arabs. I think any person in my place would say the same thing: NEVER!