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Victor Medvedenko:
I already gave advice to Palestinians at the monument’s unveiling. But they won’t hear it. And if they hear, they won’t get it. Instead of giving children rocks, they should give them textbooks. You can always talk to and come to an agreement with common people. But people do not determine a state policy.

Bronislava Osadchaya:
If the Palestinians rejoice at children’s death, what’s there to talk about?

Yevgenia Djanashvili:
First of all, we should say to mothers: if they were Jewish mothers like us, this evil would not happen. If they paid attention to their children and provided love and kindness, their children would not go kill ours. Everything comes from the family — from the mother. A mother doesn’t just give birth; she should also bring up a child. And if she does so in the spirit of evil . . . We can see them grow up and what they are being taught at their schools. What’s there to talk about? In ten years, this child will grow up and go kill our children, too. I don’t see them having any other future.

Grigory Nepomnyaschy (Irina Nepomnyaschaya’s father):
I would say to the Arabs: Think again! We could live in peace and friendship! All you have to do is use your heads instead of listening to your sheiks who lead their people to blood and death!

Sonya Shistik:
I wouldn’t say to other victims that everything will be fine — it drives me crazy when I’m told that. Everything will not be fine, and nothing will be as it used to be.

Polina Valis:
The Arabs who don’t like it here should go to live in other countries with their fellow Arabs. In general, if, instead of thinking how to take revenge on the Jews, they would go to school, this would improve their lives. I think their biggest anger comes from being paupers and have nothing to lose.

Victor Komozdrazhnikov:
I wouldn’t give them any advice because they wouldn’t get it anyway. They’re too dumb. They should be all put together and thrown the hell out to the desert.

Larisa Gutman:
I’d advise them to live in peace, to begin building their autonomy, to work on rebuilding their economy. Ultimately, there are so many peaceful things to do, instead of waging a war. And mothers should love their children, rather than send them out to murder others. Not only do they kill themselves, but they kill our children, too! That’s a double sin.