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Vesti, June 3, 2001

The Palestinian Authority received the news of the June 1 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, which had taken the lives of 19 Israelis, as long-awaited glad tidings.

For three days in a row, Palestinian TV has been showing popular demonstrations in Gaza, Ramalla, and Nablus, led by masked terrorist leaders.

The demonstrators burned cardboard mock-ups of Israeli buses with crudely drawn pictures of adults and children in the windows, made bonfires of Israeli and American flags, fired their Kalashnikovs in the air, and shook their weapons menacingly.

Kol Falastin radio station kept playing festive marches along with anti-Israel slogans. A Hamas leader Abdel Asiz Rantisi said in an interview with the Palestinian radio,
“Operations like the attack in Tel Aviv are an inalienable right of Palestinian people who have no option other than terror against Zionist enemies.” Full Size
According to Qatar-based Al-Jezeera TV channel, the responsibility for the Dolphi attack was claimed by Hezbollah, who called it “a logical completion of the training course” for their fighters. Immediately after the attack, it was also claimed by Islamic Jihad, but later its leaders retracted their statement.

Hamas leadership also issued a statement to the effect that “the State of Israel must disappear off the map, and its citizens will have to return to their countries of origin or die.”

About 1 p.m. on June 2, someone called the hotline set up by the Absorbtion Ministry and said: “You have a lot more work coming,” and then cursed in Arabic.

Palestinian Legislative Council Abu Allah declared that any attack on Palestinians will result in a “full-scale explosion in the Middle East.” He also described the suicide bomber as a “simple Palestinian who has been enduring Israelis’ tauntings for nine months and eventually couldn’t take it any more.”

Olga Tagiltseva:
I watch the news sometimes, though it’s painful to see and hear it. I saw the Palestinians congratulating the bomber’s father on TV. I think it’s abnormal.
We cannot have ten children — we cannot support them financially. And where do they get the money? They live off Israel. Instead of working, they keep having children.
For them, one child more or less is not a problem.

Rita Abramova:
When I see Palestinian rallies on TV, I see people brainwashed by religion, rather than liberation fighters. How can one be such a fanatic and believe such nonsense?

Polina Valis:
I think Arabs should be thankful to the Jews for coming here. Without them, it would be another primitive country — nothing but rocks. They don’t like the Jews because Jews prosper.
They would never achieve anything like this by themselves. It all depends what kind of society a person grew up in. Arab society encourages the cruelty inherent in a person.
We are brought up to reduce it.

Victor Komozdrazhnikov:
The Palestinians are happy to see terrorist attacks because their spiritual leaders tell them it is good. If you kill the Jews, you’ll go to Heaven. If they were told the opposite, that’s what they’d think.
They are a bunch of sheep: they go wherever their leaders take them.

Faina Nalimova:
They’re people! Why do they do these things? Why do they kill people? For land? How can you do that?
People can agree peacefully!

Natalia Panchenko-Sannikova:
I heard that Palestinians celebrated on the night our children died, singing and dancing all night and yelling, Death to Israel! That’s the kind of people they are.
We don’t understand Moslems. Maybe there are good people among them. I met some.
But their upbringing and politics are completely different from those of normal people.

Victor Medvedenko:
If boys are taught since they are nine or ten that they should die, that they should dedicate their lives to killing the Jews, this kind of brainwashing yields results.
They’re fanatics in the worst meaning of the word. This is not even religious fanaticism. I have always compared it to fascism.
Not only they do not show regret or offer condolences — they rejoice. If Israelis followed this logic, they should exterminate all Arabs.
But whenever, God forbid, an Arab child gets killed, Israel is officially offering condolences and regrets. Never have I heard or seen Israelis rejoicing over the killing of Arabs, be they adults or children. It doesn’t happen, nor will it ever.
Unlike they, we are not brought up in hatred.

Katya Pelina:
I hate Arabs. They’re inhuman. You have to feel sorry for them because they’re brainless.
They’re just a big herd with lots of bad sheep. The only thing to do is fight them. We’ll have to, sooner or later. Now, they’re methodically eliminating us with terror, and eventually they’ll have no one to fight them.
We have to stop these attacks. In the past, they used to be afraid of us.
We have to do something so that they would be afraid of blowing us up. I want to be in the Army, and only in combat troops. I don’t want to push papers or sit in front of the computer;
I want to go out and kill those who bring us death.

Bronislava Osadchaya:
I have no idea how we can fight it. You can’t kill everybody. One or two will be left, and they’ll be carrying hatred for the Jews in their hearts, and sooner or later, they’ll get back at us.
So I just don’t see a way out of this.