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To quote from the Bible, with this bombing the Israelis’ cup runneth over. Although not right away, but Israel did what it should have done immediately after the bombing: it launched an uncompromising war on terror on its own territory. Israeli Army entered the Palestinian towns and villages, and terrorist activists, including those who planned the Dolphinarium bombing, were arrested. Israel Special Services methodically eliminate the suicides’ spiritual mentors, those who give them last instructions before their operations. These people target the most precious thing we have — the children and their love of life — and the future itself, for without children there is no future.

The world was astounded by the cruelty of the attack. It seemed for the first time that the international public opinion tilted in Israel’s favor. It was the first time that the world looked at Israel differently; that it saw Israel not as an “aggressor,” but a victim of the Palestinian terror. It was the first time that the world was at a loss for words to find moral justification for Palestinians.

Yet, no matter what, the world continues to demand that Israel show restraint.
And once again, Israel heeded the world’s opinion . . .
June 7, 2001

U.S. President George W. Bush
declared he was “stricken” by the news of the Tel Aviv bombing. He stressed he would do all in his powers to stop the violence in the Middle East. “Palestinians have to stop terror,” Bush said, “this can’t go on.”

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton condemned the terror as well. “I tried to stop the bloodshed, too. When a young Arab comes and blows up Israelis who are as young as he is — it is terrible.”

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell demanded that the Palestinians “immediately condemn the senseless act of violence, declare a total and unconditional cease-fire, and take all the measures to bring to justice those guilty of this monstrous crime . . . No earthly and superior objectives can justify bloodshed and suffering.”

The Russian Government declared that it is “determined to condemn the inhuman criminal act . . . Without a doubt, such acts conceal extremists who do all in their powers to block the international effort on resolving Israel-Palestinian conflict.” Russia’s Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said, “We have condemned and still condemn terrorism in all its forms, and not only because we, too, feel the consequences of these evil acts. We call for expansion of international cooperation in fighting terrorism, which is one of the most dangerous phenomena of the twenty-first century.”
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Rita Abramova:
I often watch foreign TV channels, and their coverage of Israel is usually in the tone that accuses Israelis. While Palestinians are poor victims.

I want to address every mother who lives abroad and doesn’t know what’s going on here. What if her children went out one night and said, Mom, don’t worry, I won’t be long — and never came back? If she had to look for her children in hospitals and morgues and identify their bodies — and not even bodies, but body parts?
What if they went through this terror?
Maybe then she would realize what tragedy it is and what is really going on here.