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" Sisters have wrapped in white - as was dreamed... "

In childhood when the sisters Nalimov still lived in Ekaterinburg with mom, the grandmother and the brother, they quite often quarreled on different trifles. But as they came in Israel, they suddenly began very connected each to other. At first their mom even was surprised to such sharp change in their relationship. The difference between Lena and Julia was only two years but they already had reached practically the same height and looked the same age. Althought Lena nevertheless was more mature. She enjoyed music and drawing. And Julia - favored more soft toys. Julia did not like at all, when someone encroached on her precious bears and mice. At her leisure she weaved from beads bracelets and key chains.
Sisters were together everywhere - in a disco, on a beach,with girlfriends. they tried to match one style for both and even have pierced their belly-buttons with identical piercing what is very popular among Teens in Tel Aviv.

Sociable, cheerful, young -girls attracted masses of people and had as many friends as can be.

June, 1, on Friday in the evening, they were getting ready for their favourite disco at "Dolfi". As morning arised they started to beg her: " Everything, that we have in our closet, we already put on for a disco. Let's go on market " Karmel ", we shall buy on sale something brand new ". The Family wasn't rich at all, but Ella never turned down any of her children's needs. The only exeption was their entertainments. For those the girls earned money themselves, working part time job once a week as waitresses in cafe.
They have visited on the market and bought inexpensive pants and T-shirts. In the same morning Ella has photographed her daughters. The film with their last footage was not developed until the day. It was meant to be finished on Saturday.
A day before the junior sister Julia, had her birthday and her girlfriends have arranged for her a surprise-party.
She came back home with a heap of gifts, happy and cheerful.
In the evening the girls were getting ready for a disco, they maked up before a mirror, and Ella frankly admired her daughters - "what a beauty"! She has helped to fasten pony- tails to younger Julia and bounded them with white bands: " you are so quite!"and reproached the older one"Alena what for you have painted nails in green"? " you see, mom, in a disco their is such ultraviolet light, so it will be very effective ".
Julia hurried Lena as she was afraid to be late. On Friday's night discos in "Dolfi" girls always went from Shhunat Hatikva on foot. They had no money on saturday's for a taxi. So when they had to come back they were delivered by some friend of their.

Ella Nalimova, mother of Lena and Julia:

The last time I have seen the girls was at half past ten. " Well, we have gone ", - they have said, and the grandmother, as always, has answered: "God be with you "! I heard what has happened on a radio.
Immediatly i began to call to my daughter's cellular phone, but no one answered. The son has rung round all hospitals -yet my daughters were not on their lists.
We have rushed off to the "Dolfi" - but there was a powerful cordon of police. So than we have gone to the hospitals. Again and again we tried to call to July's cellular. As oppose to Lena, she never switched it off. In Abu Kabir ( the central morgue in Tel Aviv by translator) we were asked to provide an indetification signs. There were many Signs: green nails, pony-tails, piercing in belly-buttons, weaved bracelets from beads with which girls have braided their ankles. These bracelets later, were given out to me -by them I identified my girls. my daughter's girlfriends have then told, that the last, that they saw there, in a disco, is as girls stood beside, having joined hands. A week before it happened, lena dreamed as if she stands in a white suit, and on a hand she has a golden ring with a pattern. In the mornings, i always woke the girls to school, and Lena once has told to me this dream. "In white it means a good dream,do not worry daughter ", - I told her then. How i was wrong! A week after they both were burried as they wrapped in white.

Shely Shryman "Vesti" special edition.

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