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"Not everything could be explained"

The echo of the explosion that struck the Tel-Aviv discotheque, reached the Nemirovsky family early Saturday morning. Masha Tagiltseva's mother called.

Masha and Raya (Raisa's short name) did not return from the disco. An endless waiting period began
Later, the Nemirovsky apartment was full of strangers, taking fingerprints in the girl's room. Even now, some of the paint remains on Raya's bed, on her cosmetics and toys.
Investigation confirmed that the suicide bomber was almost pressed to Raisa's body. She died instantly. Therefore, it was also very difficult to identify the body.
From her early childhood, the girl was raised by two women: her mother and grandmother. By the age of one and a half, she already knew some poems and loudly declared them all the time, which led to applause from whatever audience. As Raya grew, she became shy.

From Raisa's mother:
"It's hard to imagine the magnitude of our tragedy. We are Jews and became Israeli inhabitants absolutely legally. This is our land. Some people treat Israel like a bump towards the future - get all the possible welfare and other benefits and then run away to Canada or some other peaceful place.
But for us, Israel remains the final stop. However, today these words take on a new meaning. We came here to be in our homeland, but what happened"
Lyuba, Raya's mom, is unemployed three and a half years now and is getting benefits from the National Insurance. A doctor in the USSR, she redeveloped here and worked as a physiotherapist. In light of many reasons, she had to retire from that job and still hasn't found a new one. Sometimes Lyuba was invited to interviews, but with no luck. That was probably the hardest part - explaining to her daughter that she still has no employment, and that they have to wait a little longer, wait for better days. The modest furniture in their apartment (for the rent which they spend most of their money on) just reminds of their tough financial situation.
Lena, Raisa's aunt, can't hide her tears:
"I still can't believe that Raya isn't with us anymore. I've lived in this country for seven years. I cannot advise our warriors what to do, but one thing is for sure: when two Israeli soldiers were brutally ripped apart (in Ramallah), our troops should've used tanks to run over those bastards. That should've scared them enough not to commit a terrorist act right after. It would've prevented even more terrorist acts, too, and saved many lives.
"After the events, it is quite obvious, that terrorists are not people. They hold nothing sacred and only believe in power. A nation that harbours terrorists cannot be considered a part of the civilized world.
"I have two daughters. For them I am ready to do anything - to kill and destroy any non-human (terrorist). Maybe it sounds na?ve or old-fashioned, but only we can provide our children with a better tomorrow.
"Believe me, these aren't empty, pointless talks. Behind these words lie actions. We reported any suspicious activities on the streets of Netanya to the police, and the suspicious car numbers. And where did that lead to? Once again, we were correct: those suspicious people really were Palestinian Arabs who did have any permission to be on Israeli territory. But instead of a severe punishment, they were just sent back home. And history repeats itself all the time - there are illegal Palestinians on the streets of Israel - all the time.
- Janna Tevlin, Special Edition of "Vesti".

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