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"A new life was just beginning"

Peter and Liana Saakyan became 16 on March 28th. Their father arrived from Moscow to celebrate and stayed longer than he intended after all, that was the start of his childrens mature lives. They came to Israel in March of the previous year. Their mother Marina took her kids away from the Russian capital, where, on one hand, was the exciting big city life, while on the other hand, mandatory military service and an inability to receive decent education. The young ones really wanted to go a new country, a new life. Marina understood that it wouldnt be easy two children and close to no support. But for the sake of their future In Russia Marina was a nurse. Here, as often happens, she didnt keep her profession went to study at the Ulpan and then found a job as a cashier. But the most important thing is, her kids could study. Liana was a very talented artist and therefore, they chose her school carefully it had to be a good one, in favour of the arts. They stopped at Ironi A. The girl was extremely happy: new impressions, new friends she even went to Dolphi with two of her friends. They laughed and told jokes on the way, and then the explosion and the end Some say that Liana was the closest to the terrorist. Her friends stood a little farther and were also affected by the wave. But despite a great loss of blood and great injuries, Lianas friends survived the blast. Liana died instantly a beautiful young girl with a nice smile. No one saw her face after that they werent allowed to open the coffin.

- Lina Klebanova, special edition of "Vesti"

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